Our Mission, Our Story

Our Mission
The Freedom Farm Provision Company goal is to provide products and services to promote healthy, sustainable, clean living for everyone.
From moms and dads looking for safe and natural household options, to health conscious individuals, FFPC will provide the highest quality, purely created necessities for living the life you love.
All FFPC products are either handmade on the Farm or small-batch manufactured by companies in the USA who employ ethically sourced materials and honorable practices to provide ecologically sound, non-toxic items for everyday living. 
We want to help you make your family’s HOME a place of HEALTH and HAPPINESS. We hope you will enjoy the products created using nature’s Grace and join us on our mission to promote responsible, healthy, clean living for everyone!
Our Story
Hey there! We’re Wil and P.J. Whitehouse. We met in Houston way back in the 90’s while I (P.J.) was singing in a rock-n-roll band and Wil was promoting said band. An instant family connection became over two decades of laughable antics, wild adventures, and brave endeavors. From owning a tiny garden center, landscaping and woodworking company in the heart of the city, to touring Texas with our two kids in tow, we’ve placed more than a few undertakings in the hands of our Faith. 
One of the biggest leaps of Faith we took as a family was moving from a city of 3 million souls to outside a town of not even 10,000. Thanks to God and over a year of research and planning, we landed in the most comfy of places, Whitehouse, TX. Yep, like our name, we now also call Whitehouse our hometown.
Residing on a tranquil little farm well outside of town is quite the dichotomy from our previous lifestyle of loud music, loud freeways, and a jungle of concrete. Our view now is rolling hills of green grass, a lush forest filled with tall pines, and a beautiful spring fed pond where we often spy any number of wildlife visitors and usually find our little “gang” of farm furries led by the one and only, Kingsley the Majestic mini horse, harassing the ducks. Donkeys and goats and pigs... oh my! It is exactly as we dreamed it would be!
We moved to such a place to learn to live more independently; to have more “freedom” and resources to control what we eat, what we use, and how we exist by growing food and self-manufacturing many daily products (and so I could have as many dogs as I want if we’re being honest)! Inspired by the intimate connection to Nature that life on a farm affords, I began experimenting with recipes to craft our own soaps, cleaners and other household items utilizing plants and herbs we grow, as well as foliage found on the Farm. We decided sharing the fruits of our Farm with our neighbors and friends was the least we could do to express our gratitude for our blessings. In 2017, with their encouragement, the idea to put our goods on the market was born and yet, another leap of Faith was made in the form of Freedom Farm Provision Co. 
It’s important to us that our products represent the self-sufficient ways of our ancestors. It’s important to reach many, with the least environmental impact. It's important to teach everyone, from all walks, to take control of the integrity of the daily products introduced to their environment and to their bodies… To learn the lasting effects of chemicals deemed “safe for human” use, but that are gradually destroying our population’s well-being… FFPC is how we do our small part to spread the word and offer a better alternative. 
With expanding product options, we aren’t able to create each and every product here on the Farm, so we partner with other American manufacturers, most within 100 miles. Each of them operates their businesses with the same integrity and principles FFPC employs, and has the capacity to create our products the way we do, in small batches, using non-toxic, natural or organic ingredients, researched and approved by yours truly.
Blessings for a Healthy, Happy Home,