Behind the Scenes

It all began at the dining room table. Not the beginning of a soap opera but the first batch of soap I ever made. It looked funny but boy, did it smell good and work great! My dry, psoriasis riddled hands and elbows were, like, WOW! I knew I was on to something and I just HAD to share it! The soap we sell now sure looks a lot better but it still does the trick and my itchy skin still appreciates its moisture-rich lather and chemical-free clean!
This is my little workshop (where I ramped up production) before it was finished. Built by my awesome husband, Wil, it has served me well. Growth has moved soap production to an outside manufacturer who produces our product to our strict specifications, using processes that align with our company objective of sustainability but I still make
several products on the Farm that aren't as high in demand as our soap and I'm continually trying new recipes!
Now I share my little workshop with random music gear, as it sits off our sweet little recording studio, also built by Wil. It's become one of our favorites places to relax on the farm. Instead of awesome product, we create awesome sounds here! It's still a work in progress but we love it! 
We do a lot of things down on the farm, but aside from crafting product and rockin-n-rollin, our time is largely spent tending animals. Afterall, they are what makes this little piece of heaven a real farm. Here are some fun pictures of the gang. Check out the "Team Bios"  page to find out more about the critters we share our lives with.